An Amazing Weekend

We are used to ride with people from all over the world, from different generations and cultures. But this weekend we had the opportunity to have a different and amazing riding partners. Dana and her trails dogs: Kiara and Enzo!

“A Unique and incredible experience with the Oaxaca Bike Expeditions all inclusive tour!

Definitely the best mountain biking trails in Mexico! We rode super fun trails of every skill level in a sublime and endlessly forest. The best thing was that my dogs joined me, they also had infinite fun.

Beside the riding, we also had a cultural and gastronomical experience. Exquisite typical and gourmet food. Surrounded with with a unique architecture and very colorful streets decorated with murals and traditional Mexican handicraft and the imposing Santo Domingo cathedral.

The perfect formula for an obligated trip for every national and foreign mountain bike lover. It’s not a coincidence that Oaxaca won one “world travel award” in 2020.”


We first met Dana by Instagram and immediately saw her way of living life was refreshing. We invited her to ride with us and after matching our calendars between her races and our tours, we set a date.

Dana is an awesome physiotherapist and everyday rider that loves to travel and ride mountain bikes as well as dirt bikes. She’s starting to race in the enduro modality at some of the national enduro racing circuits.

You can follow Dana’s everyday activities and her awesome good vibes in her Instagram account.


We spend 4 days riding with her and her awesome trails dogs, Kiara and Enzo felt right at home at the trails, you can easily notice they were having the time of their life. All of our staff was happy to be with them, Kiara even took one of the front seats of the van at one point. When we were walking at downtown people approach to us in order to pet them since the irradiate happiness and cuteness.

This weekend really represent what we love about mountain biking, having a great time and getting to meet amazing people.

After these days we can say that we will be riding with them very soon!

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