We’ll be riding in several of Mexico’s best trails. The Zapotecas used these trails for hundreds of years, connecting the towns in the Sierra Norte. But this is not only a mountain biking tour; it’s also a cultural and gastronomical tour.

Ride miles and miles of singletracks with awesome views and a variety of flora and fauna. We have a variety of different terrains in Oaxaca, from semi-wet forest singletracks to dry rocky multi lines. You will find root and rock gardens, switchbacks and lot of flow!

Meet the culture and taste the awesome food of the colonial city of Oaxaca, an UNESCO world heritage site, and, we’ll taste and see the making process of the world famous Mezcal from Matatlan, considered the crib of Mezcal, meet the pyramids that the Zapotecas built thousands of years ago and Explore the ancient petrified waterfalls of Hierve el Agua.

We have great weather conditions all year long and we can make tours from 2 to 14 riders! We can adapt the tour to your necessities. All of our mountain bike rides are shuttle assisted and we have a minimum of two guides per group.

We are riders born in Oaxaca that love bikes, nature and culture. We have travel many countries for mountain biking so we know what you expect of a tour.

Our guides have more than 10 years of experience guiding these mountain bike trails so they know every root or rock on them, our drivers are born here too so they know all the routes and have been working in tourism tours for many years.

Our guides have first aid certification and advance mountain bike mechanical knowledge. We have a special discount in local workshops in case you need to repair or replace a bike part and ourselves count with spare tires, rear derailleurs, brake pads and shifters. We will offer you  hydration before, during and after every ride.

We can make mountain bike tours ALL YEAR LONG! Just set a date and come to ride with us!




Send us a message if you want more information about our mountain bike tours. We can answer in English and Español.